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Woman's Hour - 21/02/2011

Jenni Murray presents: Including Women and Westerns - from homemakers to gunslingers; the story of Lucy Blackman; rising female unemployment; Afghan Women's Refuges under threat.

Jenni Murray presents: Women and Westerns. From the cowboy to the bandit, the gunslinger to the sheriff, Westerns are often thought of as galleries of very macho characters. In this world women might be pure householders in need of protection, or good time gals working the Saloons, and not much in between. But has that always been the case? We look at rising unemployment amongst women and also examine proposals by the Afghan government to take control of the country's 11 women's shelters. And the story of Lucie Blackman the English girl working as a nightclub hostess in Tokyo who was found dismembered in a seaside cave. We talk to journalist Richard Lloyd Parry who's written a book about the case and to Sophie Blackman, Lucie's sister.

  • Broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 10:00AM Mon, 21 Feb 2011
  • Available until 12:00AM Thu, 1 Jan 2099
  • First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 10:00AM Mon, 21 Feb 2011
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  • Duration 45 minutes

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