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Squiglet is a monster who lives in a plain white world, which he populates using a magic crayon. Katie Kangaroo wants a useful job.

Squiglet is a monster who lives in a plain white world, which he populates using a magic crayon.

Squiglet uses a straight line to squiggle a bouncy kangaroo called Katie who really wants a useful job. Squiglet wonders if there's a job she could do using her pouch. He squiggles the main street of her home town, Bouncyback, and they head off to see. Straight away they meet a shopkeeper who needs some pots and pans delivered out to the farm. Katie volunteers straight away - she can be a delivery kangaroo!

She pops the pots and pans in her pouch and bounces off. But they make such a terrible crashing and banging noise bouncing around in there that it scares the farmer's chickens! Katie needs a quieter job! The farmer needs to take his chickens' eggs off to market - so Katie volunteers for that job too! But Squiglet points out that the eggs will break in Katie's pouch if she bounces them around! She just needs a smoother ride, so he squiggles her a bicycle!

Katie is thrilled, but she doesn't turn out to be the best cyclist, and crashes into the hen house! They manage to catch most of the flying eggs before they smash on the ground - but that job's no good for Katie either. And she so wants to be useful. Just then three little mice appear. They've been out at the farm doing their shopping but it's an awfully long way back to their home in Bouncyback - especially on their tiny mouse legs! Katie wishes she could help.

A look at the Squiggle Pad shows them a bus and that gives Squiglet an idea. Maybe the mice could ride back to town in Katie's pouch - she could be a Bouncing Bus! And once Squiglet has squiggled a special bus stop, they'll know where to catch the bus every day. At last, Katie has just the useful kind of job she wanted.

First shown: 30 Jul 2010
Available for 28 days Duration 15 mins