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Squiglet is a monster who lives in a plain white world, which he populates using a magic crayon. Squiglet takes Ronnie the rhino to the fair to help him practise the games.

Squiglet uses a round line to squiggle a rhino called Ronnie who's off to the fair, but he's no good at fairground games. Squiglet squiggles the fair and sets off with Ronnie to help him practise. He's sure there must be one game Ronnie can play! First, they meet Olly the Octopus who runs the Keepy Uppy game - all you have to do is keep a ball in the air by kicking, patting or heading it and you win a prize.

Ronnie doesn't think he'll be any good, so Squiglet demonstrates to give him some confidence. And it works. Ronnie is ready to try! But the ball lands on his horn and bursts! Sadly, he heads off with Squiglet to try something else. Next they reach Lizzy the snake's limbo stall. Ronnie's sure he won't be as good at limbo as a snake is, at least not until she sets the bar at rhino height instead!

Encouraged, Ronnie has a go - but this time his horn knocks down the bar! Poor Ronnie is convinced that it's his horn that's the problem. So Squiglet squiggles him a helmet to cover it up! But that slips down over Ronnie's eyes and he can't see where he's going and knocks down a whole row of fairground stalls! Ronnie just wants to go home.

Squiglet has him take a look at the Squiggle Pad and there's the answer - a game of hoopla! Once Squiglet has squiggled some hoops, Olly and Lizzy throw them - to land on Ronnie's horn! And with Ronnie running this way and that to catch them, they never miss. At last, he's found a fairground game he's good at!

First shown: 19 Jul 2010
Expires tomorrow 10:25am
Duration 15 mins