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Comedy adventure series in which animated numbers solve mathematical problems. Number 5 discovers that the Problem Blob is at work again, making things move around.

Numbers 3 and 4 are in the gym and play at sliding blocks into the circle. 3 thinks they need recounting if they move. Out on location, a girl thinks the same about her toys, and the waitress, a man and a teacher have the same problem. It's the Problem Blob at work, as 5 discovers. The Numberjacks protect everything from the blobs to stop them moving, but things move anyway, so they are all counted all over again. The Numberjacks send Brain Gain to stop people counting things when they move. All is sorted, and the Blob goes off in a huff.

First shown: 8.25am 27 Oct 2009 Available for 6 days Duration 15 mins

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