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Comedy adventure series in which animated numbers solve mathematical problems. Spooky Spoon turns Agent 18 and number 4 upside down, so 8 flies out to help.

Numbers 5 and 2 are playing with the Jump Pad when Agent 18 calls in - he is upside down. So are a boy's car and a girl's paintbrush, and a doorman has inverted trousers, glasses and hat. 4 goes to help, but he is turned upside down by Spooky Spoon and can't control the Brain Gain, so Numberjack 8 (who is much the same both ways up) flies out to help. Numberjack 1 helps out with the Brain Gain, Spooky is turned upside down herself, and all is well.

First shown: 8:25am 26 Oct 2009
Available for 21 days Why? Duration 20 mins