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The garden is very noisy when Igglepiggle goes out for a walk. Soon he goes too far and gets lost, so the Pontipines use the trubliphone to help.

In a magical forest, colourful characters have adventures.

The Pontipines are out for a walk in the garden. What is that noise? Upsy Daisy is singing, Makka Pakka is stacking stones and the Tombliboos are playing their Tombliboo music!

Igglepiggle is out for a long walk, skipping through the garden. He goes so far that he gets lost. The Pontipines use the trubliphone to get everyone to make even more noise so that Igglepiggle can follow the noise back to his friends.

First shown: 6pm 11 Feb 2009
Available for 12 days Why? Duration 27 mins