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Comedy series. Mr Prank experiments with odd ice cream ingredients, but when Nev tries some, he grows pink horns, burps rainbows and becomes weightless!

Mr Prank experiments with unusual ingredients in a bid to come up with the perfect ice cream flavour and pocket himself a fortune. But when Bandit is too scared to test his new bubbling mixture, Prank ropes in Nev as a guinea pig.

Nev proclaims it to be the yummiest ice cream he has ever tasted and Prank is delighted, until Nev grows pink horns, burps rainbows and becomes weightless! While Prank's new ice cream recipe appears to be in tatters, Nev's appearance is far from acceptable, especially as he needs to be looking his best for Aunt Barbara's photography session that afternoon.

If Prank is discovered as the cause of Nev's messiness, or if his secret ice cream sideline is discovered, then it is curtains for him.

First shown: 5:45pm 12 Dec 2008
Available for 18 days Why? Duration 21 mins

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