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Series in which weddings are planned by the groom alone in return for cash to make their big day special. Can Rodney get things together for his marriage to Paula?

Rodney and Paula are truly, madly, deeply in love. They have been going out since they were teenagers and Paula knew straight away that this was the man she wanted to marry. Thirteen years later, Rodney has finally decided to make an honest woman of her.

However, the couple are strapped for cash so they are given £12,000 towards their big day. But there's a catch - they have agreed, in the presence of a lawyer, that Rodney will organise the wedding alone. They will have absolutely no contact and the bride won't have a clue about the wedding plans until the big day in three weeks time.

Can Rodney find the perfect venue? Will he ever make a decision, or will making his mind up tip his bride over the edge? Can this man give his woman a day she will never forget?

First shown: 2 Sep 2008
Available for 20 days Duration 60 mins