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Motoring magazine. Jeremy, Richard and James are challenged to each drive a second-hand car across the wilds of Botswana, facing obstacles such as salt pans, rivers and animals.

Jeremy, Richard and James face one of their greatest challenges as all three are sent to Africa and each told to buy a second-hand car costing no more than £1,500. It must not be a 4x4 and must not be designed in any way to go off-road. Which could be a problem, since their task is then to drive across the wilds of Botswana, negotiating massive salt pans, treacherous rivers and reserves full of animals, most of which will want to eat them. Along the way they face fierce heat, suffocating dust and an encounter with the Stig's African cousin.

First shown: 8pm 4 Nov 2007
Available for 28 days Duration 60 mins

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