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Children's comedy about a grandpa who can magically shrink. Mr Whoops has a difficult customer in his toyshop and asks Uncle CJ to help.

Mr Whoops has a difficult customer in his toyshop - her name is Amelie and she has come with her young charge, Hughie, to buy a micropachycephalosaurus dinosaur puppet kit. Unfortunately, Mr Whoops doesn't have that particular kit in stock and Amelie is most upset. Nothing else will do!

Mr Whoops asks Uncle CJ to help and Grandpa decides he'd better come too. Uncle CJ goes to the warehouse to pick up the right kit, while Mr Whoops and Josh attempt to placate Amelie. Grandpa finally keeps her entertained by pretending to be a talking monster toy, but then Amelie decides that Hughie should buy the amazing monster toy instead of the dinosaur puppet kit.

Luckily, Josh is there to put Amelie back on track and CJ arrives with the correct toy. At last, Mr Whoops can relax.

First shown: 5:30pm 28 Mar 2014
Expires tomorrow 12pm Last Chance Duration 12 mins