Children's comedy about a grandpa who can magically shrink. Lady Prigsbottom doesn't like Wulfy. Grandpa sets out to change her mind.

Lady Prigsbottom doesn't like Wulfy and isn't at all impressed by his tricks. When they go to the beach, Grandpa sets out to change her mind, so on goes the shrinking cap.

Lady Prigsbottom sneakily buries Wulfy's squeaky sausage in the sand, unaware that Grandpa has seen her. He tells Josh, who digs it up while Lady Prigsbottom goes for a swim. Thwarted, Lady Prigsbottom buries the squeaky sausage again and this time Grandpa gets into Josh's toy digger and digs it up for Wulfy. Lady Prigsbottom has had enough, so she confiscates the sausage once and for all.

But when she falls over playing with the beach ball and drops her precious pearl necklace, it's Wulfy that finds it, with a bit of secret help from Grandpa! Now Lady Prigsbottom thinks Wulfy is a wonderdog and they become the best of friends.

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