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Children's comedy about a grandpa who can magically shrink. Grandpa and Elsie make spiders for a puppet play, but Great Aunt Loretta goes into a panic.

Grandpa and Elsie are making Space Spiders for their Captain Dumbletwit puppet play but, unfortunately, today's the day Great Aunt Loretta has decided to spring clean the Mill on the Marsh. Great Aunt Loretta hates spiders, even puppet ones. She moves Grandpa and Elsie all over the house while she cleans, much to their irritation. Then Loretta finds a real, large, harmless spider and goes into a panic.

Grandpa gathers the spider into a duster and puts it outside, but it crawls back in. So Grandpa shrinks, gets under a puppet spider and chases the real spider down the mousehole. Finally, Elsie and Grandpa get the chance to perform their puppet play to Jason, Josh and Great Aunt Loretta. But she just can't take any more spiders!

First shown: 6 Jan 2014
Available until Wed 5:30pm
Duration 12 mins

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