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Preschool mixed-media music show. Melody listens to Fanfare for the Common Man composed by Aaron Copland and imagines she is a jungle explorer.

Melody is playing in the garden with the garden sprinkler but her feet get cold and muddy. Mum suggests a game of elephants instead. When they go inside mum suggests a piece of music that makes her think a muddy elephant. She has chosen Fanfare for the Common Man composed by Aaron Copland.

Melody imagines she is a jungle explorer who has found a baby elephant playing in the mud. Other animals join the elephant and they get splashed with mud but they soon disappear. The baby elephant is disappointed to finds himself alone but then Melody the jungle explorer finds his friends splashing in the waterfall having a great time. After Melody has finished listening to the music, it's time for her to get cleaned up too.

First shown: 11.05am 3 Dec 2013

Available for 14 days Duration 10 mins

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