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Children's series. Ernie loses his breakfast honey pot and has to chase it round the village.

Ernie wants to put some honey on his toast for breakfast, but as he chats to Jack he knocks the jar over and it rolls down the hill. He chases the jar as it rolls through the village but he loses sight of it. The jar rolls down some steps and lands in Sam Spinnaker's toolbox.

On board the Rainbow Jack is about to oil the hinge on his cupboard when he notices a small jar of honey on the shelf. It reminds him of the time he and Salty came across a honey jar on one of their voyages. They were sailing across the ocean when Jack saw a honey jar floating in the sea. Then Salty points out there are hundreds of honey jars in the ocean. They don't like a messy sea so they fish all the jars out of the water and stack them on the deck.

Then they notice a lonely figure on a desert island. It is a marooned sailor called Windy Funnel. He is clutching a jar of honey and he has a tale to tell. He had been sitting on a dock playing his magical harp when a wind whistled up and blew the harp out to sea. It then picked him up and dropped him in the sea too. He thought he would drown but then he caught sight of a honey jar floating in the water, he grabbed it and it kept him afloat until he was washed up on a desert island - and that's where Jack and Salty have found him.

Jack helps Windy onto the Rainbow and they are just sailing off when they spot a cloud of angry bees on the horizon. The bees are angry because they think Jack and Salty have stolen the jars of honey!

First shown: 5:40pm 22 Jan 2013
Available for 18 days Duration 15 mins