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Animated series set in the magical land of Nara. Nok Tok finds a special new plant. When the plant goes floppy, the Piplings make it happy and healthy again.

Animated series set in the magical land of Nara, inhabited by the joyful and gentle Piplings. Lau Lau, Yojojo, De Li and Nok Tok learn Yogo, meet children and have fun.

Nok Tok has found a special new plant. He calls it his happy plant. But the plant goes floppy, so Nok Tok goes off to get some water. Yojojo arrives. Yojojo plays his Pipling pipes. The plant happily responds to his playing. Yojojo tells Nok Tok, but Nok Tok dismisses this idea. Lau Lau arrives and offers the plant some bongleberries. These also make the plant happy. But Nok Tok dismisses Lau Lau's discovery too.

Yojojo and Lau Lau see that the plant also responds happily to the cheebies! The cheebies try an experiment: Yojojo plays his pipes and they dance nearby. The plant is now happier than ever! When Nok Tok sees this he has to admit his mistake and accept that they were all right. He makes sure the plant has music, bongleberries and dancing cheebies. The plant is happy again and so is Nok Tok!

First shown: 6:10pm 21 Dec 2012
Available for 6 days
Duration 10 mins