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Animated series about the Cloudbabies, who look after the sky. The Cloudbabies try to think of a way for Sun to enjoy seeing a sunset.

Animated series about the Cloudbabies, who live in a house on a cloud and look after the sky.

Sun is very confused when everyone says thank you to him for his beautiful colourful sunset the night before, since he has never seen a sunset for himself. Meanwhile, Baba Green is in the garden. He asks Bobo White and Fuffa if they want to help water the garden, but instead Bobo decides to pretend to be a rain cloud like Fuffa and flies off on Skydonk with Baba Green's watering can.

Baba Pink asks Baba Yellow if she is able to help with Sun - she offers to paint him a picture of his sunset so he can see what it looks like. Bobo rushes past with his watering can, spilling the water over the picture - making the colours merge even more like a real sunset. Bobo flies off, and Sun turns to the Cloudbabies looking really sad. The Cloudbabies try putting him to bed, but soon realise he can't see the sunset if he is asleep, but he can't make the sunset if he is awake!

Bobo White runs out of water and accidentally fills his watering can with blue paint. Sun laughs at his mistake, saying that rain clouds are meant to wash the sky - not paint it! Baba Yellow has an idea. She and the other Cloudbabies paint a beautiful sunset in the sky for Sun.

First shown: 11.25am 22 Aug 2012
Available until Mon 11:15am
Duration 10 mins

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