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Animated series about the Cloudbabies, who look after the sky. The Cloudbabies are giving the stables a makeover, and Baba Blue decides to surprise Skydonk.

Animated series about the Cloudbabies, who live in a house on a cloud and look after the sky.

The Cloudbabies are giving the stables a makeover. Poor Skydonk wants to sleep in the stables, but he's not allowed. Baba Blue notices his disappointment and decides to surprise him and build Skydonk his very own kennel! Bobo is very excited - he spots Skydonk and quickly takes him to be with Rainbow so that he and Baba Blue can carry on with the surprise.

Skydonk is sad that Bobo left him with Rainbow, and despite Rainbow pulling some funny faces, Skydonk is not amused. Soon Baba Blue has finished the kennel, and Baba Yellow knows just the thing to finish it off - a bit of colour! Bobo rushes off to fetch Skydonk from Rainbow, to take him back to see his new home. A very excited Skydonk looks happily at his new home, but when it comes to bedtime, he and Bobo are sad not to be staying together.

Both Bobo and Skydonk sneak into the night to find each other. They bump into one another in the kitchen and hug tightly. The Cloudbabies wake up in the morning to find Bobo not in his bed but asleep with Skydonk in his kennel! Shortly after the discovery, Baba Blue trips into Baba Green, sending him flying into the kennel, smashing it to pieces. Thinking Skydonk will be upset, they soon find that he and Bobo would rather sleep together in Bobo's room instead.

First shown: 11:25am 21 Aug 2012
Available until Sat 7:10am
Duration 10 mins