ZingZillas: Series 4: Fall Asleep

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ZingZillas: Series 4: Fall Asleep

ZingZillas: Series 4: Fall Asleep


It is night on ZingZilla Island. The ZingZillas should be fast asleep, but Drum is awake. She wakes up Tang and asks Tang to tell her a story, so Tang tells Drum the story of how the ZingZillas wrote a lullaby.

In the story, Todd's yawning gives Panzee the idea to write a lullaby. In the glade DJ introduces George Panda, an mbira player. The tinkly twinkly sound of the mbira gave Panzee the idea for her song. She hurries off to join the other ZingZillas on the beach.

The ZingZillas play their new lullaby, Fall Asleep - it is brilliant and they are all really pleased with it. But the song is so beautiful and so soothing that all the ZingZillas fall asleep! So DJ, Gravel, Granite, the Beach Byrds, Todd and the ZingBoppers all shout 'wake up ZingZillas!' This does the trick and the ZingZillas wake up, just in time for the Big Zing!

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