Cloudbabies: Anyone Seen Sun?

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Cloudbabies: Anyone Seen Sun?

Cloudbabies: Anyone Seen Sun?


The Cloudbabies are having a playtime break from their daily chores and are playing hide and seek. Bobo White is particularly good at hiding. Sun is intrigued by this game and wants to join in. Unconvinced that it will work because he is so big, the Cloudbabies agree. But he is too big and cannot effectively hide behind a small cloud or some horseyhay or the Shooting Star Tree.

The Cloudbabies return to their chores but Sun is not to be defeated and resolves to find a bigger place to hide. As the Cloudbabies go about their business, the sky darkens. They wonder why night time has come so soon. No one is really tired yet and there are not enough shooting stars on the tree yet to fling into the sky.

Moon arrives sleepy, not really ready for her night time duties. She advises the Cloudbabies that Sun is playing his favourite game and the Cloudbabies have to find him if they want him to come back. The Cloudbabies look everywhere. They cannot find Sun anywhere. Moon moves a little to one side to reveal Sun, hiding behind her. He really is the best at hide and seek.

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