Cloudbabies: Wide Awake Sun

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Cloudbabies: Wide Awake Sun

Cloudbabies: Wide Awake Sun


It is time for Sun to go to bed but Sun does not want to. He wants to stay up and play with Bobo White, Little Star and Fuffa Cloud. Bobo is reluctantly dragged off to bed.

Meanwhile Baba Green is worried. With Sun up past his bedtime, the sky is too hot and his flowers are wilting. The paintwell is steaming, Rainbow's colours are running and the skyhorsies are overheating. Sun has to go to bed! But he is too over excited.

Baba Green manages to peel Fuffa away for a bedtime story. Moon meanwhile cannot come out until Sun goes to bed. Everyone is hot and tired. The Cloudbabies sing the sleepy song while Baba Yellow plays the fluteytoot. Sun slowly starts to fall asleep and is soon snoring. The night sky creeps in and Moon ascends. Everything is as it should be. Even the Cloudbabies are asleep.

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