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Comedy drama. Rookie teacher Nathan Carter starts his first day working at his former school, and takes charge of the after-school detention class.

Rookie teacher Nathan Carter starts his first day back at Elmsbury High School, where he was once - well - not the best kid in the class. Nathan is on a mission. He wants to connect with all the kids who have problems and who he thinks he understands because he used to be one of them.

He takes charge of the euphemistically named 4 O'Clock Club. It's really the detention class, and to his surprise he discovers that the king of the club is his 13-year-old brother Josh. Josh is in denial that this uncool, elbow-patched, fresh-faced teacher is his brother. He has told all the other 4 o'clock clubbers that his brother Natty C is a famous rapper.

First shown: 13 Jan 2012
Expires today 2:55pm Last Chance Duration 25 mins