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Animation. It's Christmas Eve and Timmy and his friends are very excited. But a blizzard outside means that everyone is going to have to have a sleepover at the nursery.

It's Christmas Eve at the nursery and Timmy and his friends are very excited. There are decorations to be made, a Christmas tree to be chosen, letters to write to Santa and even a special Santa post box to post them in! Everyone is busy and full of jingly-bell fun, so busy that they don't notice the blizzard outside until it's time to go home. When Osbourne looks out of the window he's shocked to see the nursery bus buried under a snowdrift - the lane is impassable, they're snowed in!

Timmy is very upset. He thought he'd be at home on Christmas morning unwrapping the present he asked Santa for - his dream bike. Osbourne and Harriet make the best of the situation by creating a lovely, snug, Christmassy atmosphere. Timmy and his friends are going to have a surprise Christmas sleepover at the nursery! Parents are telephoned, fairy lights switched on, stockings hung up, beds made and a Christmas supper served.

At bedtime Timmy is so excited that he can't sleep, he's keeping watch for Santa and his reindeer with a plate of food ready for them. He tries really hard to stay awake, but can't keep his little eyes open any longer and falls asleep... when Timmy wakes up on Christmas morning, the plate of food is empty and there's a very big surprise waiting for him and all his friends.

First shown: 4.30pm 12 Dec 2011
Available for 28 days Duration 22 mins

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