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A band of primate friends play music in their tropical island paradise. Drum wants to make clippity clop noises in the Big Zing, which is inspired by the French horn.

The ZingZillas wake up and ask Todd for an idea for the day's song. Todd uses his ideas machine but it starts to shake. When he tries to stop it shaking, he holds it by a pair of reins. Drum laughs as she thinks it looks like Todd is riding a horse! The others think that riding horses is a good idea for a song. Zak's pretend horse will be the fastest, Panzee's will be the most beautiful and Tang's will be the cleverest. Drum wants hers to make clippity clop noises - but she doesn't want them to be pretend noises. She wants them to be real.

In the glade, Andrew Budden plays the French horn. It's hunting horn type sound is perfect for a song about horses!

The ZingZillas gather together in the clubhouse to rehearse their new song Giddy Up and Go! They love playing the song and pretending to ride horses. But when they stop playing, they notice Drum is still sad. She wants to make real clippity cloppity noises! What can the ZingZillas do?

While she is watching the coconut fall, Panzee has an idea. She dashes off to the Moaning Stones Beach and borrows two halves of a spare coconut. She brings them back to the clubhouse and gives them to Drum. Now Drum can make clippity cloppity noises and the ZingZillas are ready to play!

First shown: 8am 25 Nov 2011
Available until Mon 10am
Duration 11 mins

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