Big and Small: Series 3: The Egg

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Big and Small: Series 3: The Egg

Big and Small: Series 3: The Egg


Small finds a large blue and silver egg on the doorstep. He puts it onto the kitchen table. Big thinks someone has lost the egg. Small rushes off to ask the frogs in the pond and a bird in the trees if they lost an egg. They haven't - so Small says the egg belongs to him and Big. Big thinks it might be an ostrich egg and they are both excited at the thought of having a baby ostrich living with them in the house!

They prepare for the egg to hatch by recreating a warm, sandy desert in the kitchen with a heat lamp, sand castles and a star mobile. Also, Big and Small dress up as ostriches so the baby bird will feel at home when he pecks out of the egg. They sit and wait... and wait... Small is quickly bored: how long before the egg hatches? Ruby then appears, pleased that Big and Small found her egg. The egg is not a real egg but a chocolate egg that Ruby had left on the doorstep as a present for Big and Small!

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