Big and Small: Series 3: The Hiccups

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Big and Small: Series 3: The Hiccups

Big and Small: Series 3: The Hiccups


Big is concentrating really hard while he finishes building his tower of blocks. Small interrupts with a question. And another one. And another. Big keeps asking Small to be quiet until the tower is complete. Finally, Big places the last block - but as he does so there is a loud 'hic!' and the tower comes tumbling to the floor.

Big accuses Small of making the noise that caused the blocks to fall - but this time it wasn't Small being noisy: it was Big. And Big keeps going 'Hic! Hic!' Each hiccup creates such a rumble that everything in the house starts falling down. Small leads Big into the safety of the garden and then heads off to find a cure.

According to Ruby, Big is experiencing the hiccups, and the best way to cure them is to surprise Big and make him jump. Small tries sneaking up on Big and saying 'boo!' Big remains unsurprised. Small puts a plastic shark into Big's paddling pool - but Big is not surprised and still doesn't jump.

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