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Animated adventures of a lamb at nursery school. Stripey dresses up just like Timmy but finds that he isn't much good at being a Timmy twin.

Stripey plays at dressing up and by accident ends up looking just like Timmy, with a white woolly waistcoat on and floppy black socks on his ears. Timmy is delighted to have a twin, Stripey is too. Timmy makes Stripey a lamb's tail to wiggle and a twin teddy to complete the look.

But although he looks like Timmy, Stripey isn't much good at being a Timmy twin: he can't baa, his tail wiggling leaves a lot to be desired and he's terrible at football.

During a game of football, Timmy gets impatient when Stripey keeps missing the ball, so he passes it to his other friends instead of Stripey. Stripey feels left out and trundles off sadly, taking off his costume bit by bit as he goes. Timmy realises his friend is upset and has an idea: he dresses up as Stripey, much to the badger's delight, and makes Stripey noises with a horn.

First shown: 23 Sep 2011
Available for 9 days Duration 10 mins