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Scientist Nina and her young experimenters investigate the human body. Experimenters Kyle, Jack and Christopher visit Nina in her lab to learn about yawning.

Nina investigates why yawning makes other people yawn, with the help of Belle, her hearing neuron. Experimenters Kyle, Jack and Christopher use their senses to discover that seeing or just hearing Nina yawn can make them yawn. Nina explains that yawning is a reflex action - something the body does all by itself... whether you want it to or not!

They all visit a zoo and try to make lots of different animals yawn. Their experiment proves that animals don't seem to catch yawns like humans do! Back at the lab, Nina explains that yawning is a way of talking without words, like smiling, laughing or looking sad.

They do an experiment to see if they can talk without words and still understand each other. They discover that people are really good at understanding how other people are feeling and sometimes start to feel the same way too. So when you see someone yawning, it can make you feel like yawning too.

First shown: 4:45pm 19 Sep 2011
Available for 11 days Duration 15 mins