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Scientist Nina and her young experimenters investigate the human body. Experimenters Eilidh and Travis visit Nina in her lab and discover amazing facts about hearts.

Nina investigates why hearts beat with the help of her five sense neurons.

Experimenters Eilidh and Travis visit Nina in her lab. They use their senses to see what a heart looks like and they feel and hear their own hearts beating inside their chests. Next, they go to a fun park and go on a white water ride. They discover that hearts beat because they are pumping blood around our bodies, day and night, just like the water is pumped around the ride.

Back at the lab, they find out that the heart pumps the blood around the body because blood has important things in it that the body needs, like oxygen and good stuff from the food we eat. They all do some star jumps and notice that their hearts are beating faster. Nina explains that when we do exercise, our heart beats and pumps blood around our body faster to deliver more of the important things the body needs.

First shown: 4:45pm 5 Sep 2011
Available for 26 days Duration 15 mins