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Nat has fun with the Iconicles and learns about the worlds in which they live. Scotty tells Carmen, Salty, Splish and Splash to tidy up the water's edge.

Scotty is unhappy that the water's edge is a mess and directs Carmen, Salty, Splish and Splash to tidy up their respective areas. After bungling the job by rushing through it the first time, the group tries again, taking time, and does a first-rate job. All except Scotty, who rushes through and makes more of a mess than the others!

Meanwhile, Nat asks for Skitter's help when he can't decide what to invent out of some old boxes. Nat's indecisiveness pays off, however, after watching Skitter skillfully crack open a bunch of nuts while he's trying to make up his mind. They both decide that a nutcracker is what Nat needs the most!

First shown: 3:45pm 25 Aug 2011
Available for 14 days Duration 25 mins