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Explorer Nat has fun with the Iconicles and learns about the worlds in which they live. It's Pom Pom Fruit Day, when all the fruit from the pom pom tree falls.

It's Pom Pom Fruit Day in the Wild Wilderness, the one day when all the fruit from the pom pom tree falls! Rumple advises everyone to be wise and conserve the fruit, but Mungo, Zee and Twinkle don't listen. They use up all the fruit and even knock down the very special tree. Luckily, Rumple has planted seeds for new pom pom trees and even saved some fruit for everyone to enjoy.

Back at the Iconicarium, Nat invents a recyclo-sorter that is supposed to sort his rubbish into recycling bins. Unfortunately, the invention doesn't work so Nat calls upon Splish and Splash to help him sort the paper, plastic and metal by hand.

First shown: 17 Aug 2011
Available for 14 days Duration 10 mins