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Series set in the magical land of Nara. Lau Lau invites Yojojo to share the new den she has made, but when he joins her, he knocks down the leaf roof.

Lau Lau has made a den. She invites Yojojo to share it. But when Yojojo joins her, he knocks down the leaf roof. So he finds a bigger leaf and they rebuild it. They invite De Li and Nok Tok to join them but the roof collapses once again! They all help Lau Lau make her den even bigger. When the cheebies arrive, Lau Lau wants them all to share her den so they try to make it even bigger. The cheebies use a blanket for an extra large roof and finally they all have fun inside Lau Lau's den!

First shown: 6pm 15 Mar 2011
Expires tomorrow 12pm
Duration 20 mins