Waybuloo: Series 2: Swapsy Box

Waybuloo: Series 2: Swapsy Box is not available to play yet - we are working on this and we hope to have it here shortly.

Waybuloo: Series 2: Swapsy Box

Waybuloo: Series 2: Swapsy Box


The Piplings all put a present inside a box. They swap the boxes to see who gets what: Swapsy Boxes! Everyone gets something they like except for De Li. Inside De Li's box is a long, hollow wooden stick. De Li doesn't know what it's for. She tries waving it and it makes a rattling sound. When the cheebies arrive, they suggest it might be a walking stick. They all collect their own sticks and walk to the top of the hill.

De Li sees the other Piplings. She tells them she likes her walking stick. Nok Tok tells her it's not a walking stick: it's a special stick for planting seeds. The seeds inside make the rattling sound. The cheebies show De Li how the stick works and soon De Li has four wonderful new flowers growing in her garden!

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