Waybuloo: Series 2: Surprise

Waybuloo: Series 2: Surprise is not available to play yet - we are working on this and we hope to have it here shortly.

Waybuloo: Series 2: Surprise

Waybuloo: Series 2: Surprise


Nok Tok is planning a bubble surprise for the cheebies using his Anything Machine. He asks Yojojo to look after the machine, which has a special lever that must not be touched. Yojojo is happy to look after the machine. He is so happy that he rises into the air - but his tail accidentally pulls the lever and bubbles start to pour out of the machine!

Yojojo quickly pushes it into De Li's shed and closes the door. When the cheebies arrive, Nok Tok looks for his Anything Machine. Yojojo tells the cheebies what happened and they persuade Yojojo to tell Nok Tok.

When Yojojo takes Nok Tok to De Li's shed and opens the door, bubbles pour out of the shed! Nok Tok and the cheebies are thrilled. It is the best bubble surprise ever!

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