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Series set in the magical land of Nara. Lau Lau swaps her paintbrushes for Yojojo's banjo, but they both find their new hobbies very hard to begin with.

Lau Lau loves hearing Yojojo's banjojo music. Yojojo loves seeing Lau Lau's painting. Lau Lau wants to try making music and Yojojo wants to try to paint. So they decide to swap. But when each Pipling tries doing what the other one does, they find it very hard!

De Li and Nok Tok tell them they need to practise. Still, Yojojo doesn't know how to use the paint brushes and Lau Lau doesn't know how to play the banjojo. When the cheebies arrive, some of them help Lau Lau make a picture of the banjojo. The other cheebies show Yojojo other fun things to do with the paint brushes. Finally they persuade the Piplings to swap back. Now everyone is happy again!

First shown: 6pm 9 Dec 2010 6 days left Duration 20 mins

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