Waybuloo: Series 2: Nok Tok Rock

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Waybuloo: Series 2: Nok Tok Rock

Waybuloo: Series 2: Nok Tok Rock


Nok Tok finds a big box hidden in the trunk of an old tree. Inside are lots of different things. The Piplings all take something. And then they swap! Nok Tok gets a big brown rock. It's very light. He wonders what the rock is for.

When the cheebies arrive, they use the rock to play a game of Pipling in the middle. Then they play another game, hop to rock. But when Nok Tok throws the rock to play, he throws it too hard. It hits a large boulder and breaks in two.

Nok Tok tries putting it back together. He discovers it makes a clop clop sound. The cheebies think it's great fun. The cheebies and the Piplings all pretend to be horses. Nok Tok thinks his broken rock is the best rock ever!

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