Waybuloo: Series 2: Chimey Leaves

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Waybuloo: Series 2: Chimey Leaves

Waybuloo: Series 2: Chimey Leaves


Lau Lau finds some golden leaves, chiming together in the orchard. She loves the sound they make. She wants to hear the sound all the time, so she takes one of the leaves home. But then she realises that she needs two - they only chime together. So Lau Lau collects another and puts both leaves inside her home. They make a wonderful sound.

When the cheebies arrive, Lau Lau wants everyone to hear her chimey leaves. But her home is too small for everyone to fit inside! They all return to the orchard but with only one leaf left there is no sound. Finally they decide to plant all three leaves in De Li's garden. The leaves are close to Lau Lau's home and now everyone can hear their wonderful sound!

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