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A band of primate friends play music in their tropical island paradise. It is Panzee's big chance to sing the Big Zing, but she has a poorly knee.

Panzee wants to sing lead vocals in the Big Zing for once, and Zak thinks that is a great idea. In the glade, the ZingZillas watch BJ Cole play the pedal steel guitar. They all love the sad sound of country music.

Afterwards, Panzee isn't looking where she is going and she trips on a tree stump and hurts her knee. When she gets back to the clubhouse the others decide she needs to sit down and take the weight off her knee. Zak and Tang go to and ask DJ for advice, while Drum stays in the clubhouse to nurse Panzee. Todd tells Panzee she must rest for a while, but has an idea on how to get her to the Big Zing in time.

First shown: 5:15pm 29 Nov 2010
Available for 15 days Duration 25 mins