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Series set in the magical land of Nara. De Li shoos the narabugs away when they try to eat her bongleberries, but then no one can find them.

It's Narabug Fly-By Day! De Li is picking bongleberries for the Piplings to eat whilst they watch the wonderful narabug display. But the narabugs are trying to eat the bongleberries too, so De Li shoos them away. The narabugs are surprised and they fly off. The other Piplings ask where the narabugs have gone, and De Li is worried.

When the cheebies arrive, they offer to help look for the narabugs. They leave a bowl of bongleberries in the garden and then hide. Soon the narabugs reappear. They fly away with the bowl. De Li follows them and tells the narabugs how sorry she is that she shooed them away. So the narabugs return and everyone enjoys the best Narabug Fly-By Day ever!

First shown: 6pm 23 Nov 2010
Available for 6 days
Duration 20 mins