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Stories about how different animals became distinctive. Here, how Camel got very thirsty and drank so much that a hump full of water appeared on his back.

There was time when Camel didn't have a hump. He lived very far away in the hot desert. But one day the desert got too hot - even for Camel. So he started walking. When Camel arrived at the waterhole, he asked the animals if he could have a drink.

The animals weren't pleased at all because the rains hadn't come and they were very thirsty. Lion allowed Camel to have one drink - but one drink, and one drink only! Camel slurped, and he slurped, and he slurped! Until a big, wobbly hump appeared on his back full of all the animals' water!

First shown: 12:20pm 23 Nov 2010
Available for 21 days Duration 10 mins