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Children's animation in which the trains talk, think and don't need drivers. Nobody wants to go down the mine to collect the stock, so the chuggers have a contest.

Nobody wants to go down the mine to collect the rolling stock for cleaning, so Speedy suggests they settle it with a chug of war! Two teams will face each other across a bridge with a piece of rolling stock between them. The first team to pull the rolling stock off the bridge is the winner and the losers will clean the mine. Harrison captains one team, Speedy the other.

Wilson is on Speedy's team, but thinks his way of training for the contest is too old-fashioned. He's desperate to get on Harrison's team instead. But when he gets stuck underground, he uses Speedy's calm, steady method to get unstuck - it works! Now happy to be on Speedy's team, he makes it back to the bridge just in time to help them win the chug of war!

First shown: 7.50am 17 Sep 2010
Available for 20 days Duration 10 mins

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