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Children's animation in which the trains talk and do not need drivers. When Hoot and Toot are trapped underground, they wish they had listened to Brewster.

Calley is teaching Hoot and Toot how to use the sliding turntable. When she gets called away on an emergency, she asks Brewster to take over the training. The twins find Brewster's methodical way of teaching a bit boring and make their escape. Brewster chases them all over the depot. The twins accidentally get on the track lift, which sends them straight underground. They explore for a bit, but when they want to get back they can't - not without using a turntable!

They wish they'd listened more to Brewster, but his method must have worked because gradually they remember what he said. Brewster comes looking for them underground just in time to see them operating the turntable perfectly - and when Calley sees them demonstrate the turntable later, she thinks Brewster is a fantastic trainer. Hoot and Toot agree!

First shown: 7:50am 15 Sep 2010
Available until Sat 8:40am
Duration 10 mins