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Chris and Pui have fun in their magical playroom in the sky, bringing objects and ideas to life. They dive with dolphins and take a look at triangles.

Chris and Pui dive with dolphins and take a look at triangles. Through the telescope they watch the dolphins swimming and surfing. There are lots of other things to see at the bottom of the sea, and there are lots of things to see up in the sky.

Momo sings her rainbow song. She's found a blue bottle which Pui helps her turn into a diving dolphin splashing in the water.

Chris and Pui sing about the different things they can see. They think they see a shark, but it's only a triangle. Chris and Pui think of things a triangle can be. Chris sings a song with actions about a hat with three corners. There are more triangles hiding in the dressing up things.

Can the shopkeeper help Twinkle find the perfect instrument to suit her? There's one last triangle to spot. It's a sail on Pui's boat - and perhaps there will be one more dolphin before it's time to count back down in the lift.

Available for 18 days Duration 25 mins