Get Squiggling: Series 2: Goldilocks

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Get Squiggling: Series 2: Goldilocks

Get Squiggling: Series 2: Goldilocks


Squiglet is a monster who lives in a plain white world, which he populates using a magic crayon.

Squiglet uses a loopy line to squiggle Goldilocks, who has a rumbling tummy! She's supposed to be meeting the three bears for lunch but she can't find their house! All she knows is that it's somewhere by a river. Squiglet squiggles the river for her and they set off to find the three bears.

But when they get to their house, there doesn't seem to be anyone home. Poor Goldilocks is so hungry - what's she going to do? Squiglet helps by squiggling Goldilocks' favourite - a bowl of porridge! But it's too salty! So he squiggles another - but this one's too sweet! He gets it on the third go - this bowl is just right! Now she just needs somewhere to sit down and eat it. The biggest chair is too hard, and the middle sized chair is too soft, but the smallest one feels just right. Only it's too small for Goldilocks and when Baby Bear arrives and sees her in it, it suddenly breaks apart, throwing her porridge everywhere!

Baby Bear is worried - Mummy and Daddy Bear are going to be home soon. A look at the Squiggle Pad gives them the answer - soapy water and sponges are what they need to clean up. Squiglet soon squiggles them some and they set to work. Afterwards they head into the garden to wait for Mummy and Daddy Bear, who soon arrive, thrilled at how clean and tidy their house is! So clean and tidy, in fact, that Goldilocks and Baby Bear deserve a treat - a lovely big lunch!

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