Get Squiggling: Series 2: Koala

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Get Squiggling: Series 2: Koala

Get Squiggling: Series 2: Koala


Squiglet uses a curved line to squiggle a koala called Kenny who's feeling a bit sad. He really wants to join the gymnastics team the Bonzer Bouncers, but he can't jump. All he can do is climb! Squiglet thinks a big space in which to practise might help so he squiggles Kenny's home - the Australian bush. But when they arrive, Kenny still can't seem to get off the ground.

A lesson from a friendly cane toad seems like it might help, but Kenny only has little legs, so he just isn't built for jumping. Squiglet thinks a trip to the gym might help, so off they go. Kenny sees his friend Skip the kangaroo jumping with a skipping rope, but when he tries it, he just gets tangled up and falls over.

Squiglet squiggles him a see-saw to see if that will help get him up into the air, but when Skip jumps on the other end, it gets Kenny too high up! He goes flying! In the end, the Squiggle Pad gives them the right answer - a trampoline! Once Squiglet has squiggled one, Kenny bounces up and down on it with amazing skill. He may not be much of a jumper, but he's a fantastic bouncer! Good enough to get into the Bonzer Bouncers!

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