Get Squiggling: Series 2: Humpty Dumpty

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Get Squiggling: Series 2: Humpty Dumpty

Get Squiggling: Series 2: Humpty Dumpty


Squiglet uses a curved line to squiggle Humpty Dumpty who's worried that he's too clumsy to take part in Nursery Rhyme Land's sports day. Squiglet squiggles the wall that Humpty is always falling off and together they go through the gate in it into Nursery Rhyme Land. They meet Wee Willie Winkie who's waiting for Little Bo Peep so that they can do the three-legged race together.

Squiglet suggests that Willie practises with Humpty while he waits. But once Humpty and Willie are tied together, Humpty just falls straight over! He'll never get to the end of the race. Willie decides to wait for Little Bo Peep and Squiglet and Humpty move on. Next they meet Jack and Jill who are practising for the sack race. Maybe Humpty will be good at this event! But when he tries, he just falls over again. It's no good, he's just too clumsy and he's bumped his knee! Squiglet helps out by squiggling him a plaster.

Humpty feels better - but he still hasn't found anything he can do for the sports day. A look at the Squiggle Pad finally gives him the answer - the egg and spoon race! Once Squiglet squiggles him a giant spoon, all the other nursery rhyme characters carry Humpty in it and he's first across the finishing line!

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