Get Squiggling: Series 2: Chef

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Get Squiggling: Series 2: Chef

Get Squiggling: Series 2: Chef


Squiglet uses a bumpy line to squiggle a chef called Shallot who's getting ready to cook a royal banquet for the king. Shallot wants to prepare the king's favourite food - pizza! He already has the best cheese in the kingdom, he just needs some tomatoes.

But when he looks in the fridge, he discovers that he has run out! Squiglet suggests that he could use something else instead - but jelly and cheese doesn't taste very good at all! And custard and cheese tastes even worse! Shallot really needs tomatoes. But the best tomatoes grow by a cave where a fire-breathing dragon called Freddy lives!

Shallot is worried, but Squiglet is sure Freddy won't mind if he asks nicely. So off they go Freddy's cave. Sure enough, there's Freddy coughing and spluttering! Shallot is terrified, but Squiglet is worried about Freddy's cough. Freddy explains that breathing fire all the time has given him a terrible sore throat. Shallot knows just the thing to help with that - lovely, cold ice cream!

Once Squiglet has squiggled some, Freddy feels much better and happily lets Shallot pick some tomatoes. But when they reach the castle, there's another problem - Shallot's oven has stopped working! Luckily Freddy can help and cooks the king's pizzas by breathing fire on them! He's very happy to have been of service and even happier when Shallot gives him another bowl of ice cream as a reward!

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