Get Squiggling: Series 2: Squirrel

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Get Squiggling: Series 2: Squirrel

Get Squiggling: Series 2: Squirrel


Squiglet uses a curved line to squiggle a squirrel called Sammir, who is sure someone has moved the nuts he has been saving up. When Squiglet offers to help find them, Sammir is delighted - he has always wanted to be a detective. He even has a notebook to write down any clues! Sammir says he hid his nuts in a hole under the tree where he lives, so Squiglet squiggles it and they start their search.

Soon, Sammir spots some feathers on the ground - their first clue! Squiglet and Sammir follow the feathers, but they lead to bear curled up outside its cave! Bears don't have feathers, so it can't have been this bear that moved Sammir's nuts. But there aren't any more feathers - now what? Squiglet thinks a magnifying glass would help to find more clues, so he squiggles one.

Sure enough, when he looks through it, Sammir spots some footprints! Whoever moved his nuts must have feathers - and feet shaped like these prints. Sammir and Squiglet follow the footprints all the way to a lake with an island in the middle. And from the lake they hear a quack! So it must be someone with feathers, footprints that shape, and who makes a quack noise who moved Sammir's nuts. But how can they get over to the island to see who it is?

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