Get Squiggling: Series 2: Bat

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Get Squiggling: Series 2: Bat

Get Squiggling: Series 2: Bat


Squiglet uses a bumpy line to squiggle a bat called Bart who needs to get his little brother, Boris, to go to sleep. So Squiglet squiggles the caves where Bart and Boris live to see if he can help. When they arrive, Squiglet is amazed by all the noise but that's because Boris loves making musical sounds by banging wooden spoons on a saucepan!

That's no way to get to sleep, but when Boris takes the spoons away from him, Boris just cries! Bats sleep hanging upside down, but Squiglet suggests that Boris might be more comfortable in a cot. Once he's squiggled one, it looks as though Boris might finally snuggle up and go to sleep. But when Bart rocks the crib, it squeaks and Boris wants to join in with the sound!

Bart and Squiglet retreat to Bart's bedroom to have a think, but then Boris bursts in with two spokes he's broken off the cot bashing them together to make even more bashing crashing music! At last a look at the Squiggle Pad gives them the answer - soft and gentle music played on a xylophone. When Squiglet squiggles one, it turns out that Bart is a great player and he soon lulls Boris into his nap.

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