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Squiglet is a monster who lives in a plain white world, which he populates using a magic crayon. Terry the T-rex's roar has gone funny and just isn't scary anymore.

Squiglet uses a zig-zag line to squiggle a T-rex called Terry whose roar doesn't sound right. In fact, it sounds very funny indeed and it just isn't frightening any more! Terry's worried that all his friends back home will laugh at it.

Squiglet thinks they should go and see and squiggles Terry's dinosaur world home. Terry's friends are playing dino roar, every young dinosaur's favourite game - but Terry doesn't want to join in. He doesn't think his roar would make even a little mouse jump. And when a little mouse called Marty scurries in, it seems he's right - Marty just laughs and laughs! Squiglet takes Terry off to the doctor to see if he can help. And he does - when he looks in Terry's mouth, he knows exactly what's wrong. Terry has hiccups!

He explains that there are several things you can do to make the hiccups go away, like drinking a big cup of water. So Squiglet squiggles one. But that doesn't stop Terry's hiccups. The doctor says that someone making you jump can cure them too, and when Squiglet jumps out on Terry with a loud 'boo!' they think it's worked, until Terry tries out his roar on Marty again and the hiccups come back!

First shown: 21 Jun 2010
Available for 18 days Duration 15 mins