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Stories about how animals got their unique characteristics. Tickbird challenges Hippo to see who can drink the most in a single gulp.

Why do zebras have stripes and leopards spots, rhinos horns and camels humps? Tinga Tinga Tales tells a modern, young audience what really happened.

There was a time when Tickbird didn't sit on Hippo's back. In fact they weren't friends at all! Tickbird was sick of Hippo splashing all the time. One day tiny Tickbird challenged big Hippo to a contest to see who could drink the most water in a single gulp. Tickbird outwitted Hippo by using the tides, and from that day she has been allowed to sit on Hippo's back and pick off all the yummy ticks she can eat!

First shown: 1 Mar 2010
Available for 19 days Duration 15 mins